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Building Cities of the Future (Part 1 of 2)

Dr. Fithra Faisal Hastiadi, S.E., MSE., M.A Researcher at Institute for Sustainable Development in Indonesia (ISDI) Alumnus of Australia-Indonesia Leaders Program (AILP) Faculty Member of FEB UI (University of Indonesia’s School of Economics and Business)   Have you read Gulliver’s Travels? In one of his voyages, Gulliver finds himself in the land of Lilliput. In this country, […]


Building Cities Of The Future Part 2 of 2

Continued from Previous Article: Building Cities Of The Future Part 1 Despite economic and job expansions, the situation of informal employment—often known as jobs with low productivity and income and unsafe work practices—has not changed. Job opportunities for young people (aged 15-24) are still underdeveloped. From the prevailing data, unemployment in Indonesia has reached a fairly good […]